Strengthening your Workplace Boundaries

Strengthening your Workplace Boundaries

A boundary is a limit that defines a relationship. If they are crossed and not checked, the workplace can be toxic and affect your health. This can be physical stuff with workmates or overtime in working or anything.

Five things to establish your boundaries

  1. Identify your limits: Be self-aware of things that make you uncomfortable or stressed to serve as indicators of boundaries.
  2. Pay attention to your feelings: Resentment, Guilt, and Discomfort that come up when your boundaries are crossed will help you identify them. The Rate the feeling from one to ten to know how bad the boundary has been crossed.
  3. Know your Value.
  4. Define the boundary by listing and communicate it verbally and set email settings for example about your working hours.
  5. Limit accessibility not letting your work consume you. Have stipulated work hours that you also respect. Turn off email notifications during non-work hours.

This said it doesn’t mean crossing your boundaries once in a while let’s say working on a weekend when the organization is overstretched is not a bad idea but don’t make it a habit.

Communicate once the boundary has been crossed.

Reference: Angie Obwaka

YouTube: Just Call Me Angie

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