Scientist of the Week – Dr. Leena Tripathi was in school for 13 Years.

On average, it takes longer to be a scientist than any other career. I am curious to know how scientist’s journey in one of the most publicly unrecognised industries.

Leena starting her BSc (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology) in 1987, Msc (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) in 1991, she went to school without a whole year break until 1999 where she graduated with a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology.

This was followed by a Post-doctoral training for 3 before recognition of being a mature scientist. That’s 15 years. Since then she has been in the business for over 20 years, published over 70 publications and reviewer for over 20 journals.

She is most known for work in genome editing of Banana’s to curb diseases using CRISPR technology at IITA.

Check her latest publication on CRISPR as a diagnosis and management tool for banana viruses

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