List of Dickeya Species

Commonly known to cause bacterial soft rot, Dickeya genus which was previously Erwinia has 13 species under it.

  1. D. Chrysanthemi
  2. D. Aquatica
  3. D. Dadantii
  4. D. Dianthicola
  5. D. Dieffenbachie
  6. D. Fangzhangdai
  7. D. Lacustris
  8. D. Oryzae
  9. D. Paradisiaca
  10. D. Poaceiphilia
  11. D. Solani
  12. D. Undicola
  13. D. Zeae

Dickeya, found in the order Pectobacteriaceae has 6 taxa siblings namely Pectobacterium, Samsonia, Sodalis, Lonsdalea, Brenneria, Biostraticola.

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