It’s okay not to want kids

It’s okay not to want kids

I do not want kids. I find kids cute, adorable and just mysterious. I love kids but I don’t want to have them. Yeap!

You are probably annoyingly asking ‘Why?’ Why do you feel the need to ask that? The most important question should be ” Why do you want kids?” Deciding to have kids affects someone else who happens to be a child whose decision of their existence is made my someone else.

Before deciding to have a child, I think you should ask yourself. Why? Do I (In double capital) want to have this child? If the reason is because it’s the normal thing and expected thing to do, then that’s fucked up. You need to want that child.

Secondly, are you able emotionally, mentally and psychologically ready to have this child? Will you provide this non-material support to the child. Thirdly, are you able to financially support this child? You do? Great. What’s the backup plan?

Not having kids, doesn’t affect any other human being and thus shouldn’t have the question, Why? but to answer you. I just don’t. It has nothing to do with my fertility or child trauma that people might deduce. Please stop asking why someone doesn’t want kids.

If you are reading this and also don’t want to have kids, it’s okay. We are many. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need a reason why you don’t want to. If that’s what you want, we both know you won’t regret it.

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