3 Secrets of a Good Writer

3 Secrets of a Good Writer

In this day and age, we cannot escape writing- Chatting, Emails, Adverts, Memo, Reports, Articles etc.

With an interest in writing, I have borrowed writing cents from accomplished writers: Chimamanda Adichie, William Zinsser, Samwel Nyakeri…

It sums up to the following;

  1. Read: I am sure you have come across this but you can’t write if you don’t know what people who came before you did. This makes you learn their tact and learn phrases that work. 
  2. Practice: People who never stepped into writing class but kept a journal are very good writers. You learn by writing. Make a schedule you write consistently to be better writer
  3. Rewrite: Writing is rewriting. The first draft gives you an idea on what to write on. Editing it is the writing part. This explains why writers become automatic editors.

The rest would probably circle around the above. Good readers are good writers. Consistent Writers are better writers. Editors are the best writers.

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